Transforming Leaders

We build leadership capability by moving mindsets

We specialise in helping leaders at all levels to become better at leading people. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than helping leaders make the shift from being ‘command and control’ to being progressive, empowering leaders who are comfortable with vulnerability and authenticity.

We work with leaders at all levels – from CEOs through to frontline and new leaders. We do one to one coaching, peer-to-peer group coaching. We also offer high-impact masterclasses and workshops with topics as wide-ranging as Empowerment, Energy, and Personal Purpose.
We help leaders create world-class levels of engagement in their teams and to get brilliant at candid and supportive performance development conversations that shift the dial.
We support leaders in becoming brilliant communicators so they connect with their people at both an emotional and rational level. In fact, we see leaders as the most important communication channel in any business.
We do all this and more. But what makes us stand out is how we do it. We’re positively provocative, we focus hard on the why, we shift mindsets and we’re all about sustainable long term change - not one-off sheep-dipping.

Some of our most popular masterclasses include:

  • Mood Hoovers and Negative Nellies – Engaging ‘difficult’ people
  • If truth be told – courageous conversations that feel great
  • Engaging yourself and your team in times of change
  • Action planning in a way that feels fabulous
  • Setting clear expectations without compromising empowerment
  • Inclusive language, inclusive conversations
  • Using Performance Development to instil a growth mindset and overcome an entitlement culture
  • Fitting your own oxygen mask first

Here’s what some leaders have said in response to our directed group coaching: