Increasing Employee Engagement Employee Engagement

Our engagement philosophy

We believe...

...that numbers from a survey are pretty useless, unless they’re used to drive meaningful action that everyone can get behind. The solution to low engagement is not to measure it more often or to keep swapping provider. transformational not transactional engagement. Engagement needs to be embedded in the DNA of your business because it has the power to drive your purpose and all your business priorities forward. The uplift companies get with a transactional ‘pizza and parties’ approach is always short-lived, because it fails to go deep and tackle what’s at the heart of engagement – how people are led and how people engage themselves. working with people leaders on a mindset as well as a capability level – this goes deep to explore how people see their role as leaders and the roles of people in their team.

We increase and sustain employee engagement levels by:

Helping people leaders protect and boost their own personal engagement, so they are better placed to engage those around them.

Embedding engagement into the DNA of your business - not just in HR. With the right focus, it can become a critical enabler and driving force for priority areas like performance management, transformation or talent and development.

Treating people as adults. When you get to upper quartile levels of engagement, it’s no longer a case of solely focusing on people leaders, it’s about getting all colleagues to understand they have responsibility for their own engagement levels too.

Working with leaders in large numbers to drive improved engagement organisationally and we’ve got a proven track record of the impact this coaching has.