Communicating Change

We put your strategy delivery on steroids through brilliant communications

Traditional ways of communicating aren't cutting it. Too many companies are relying on logical left brain ‘tell’ comms to bring people on board with their plans and in today’s world that just won’t fly. We rely on whole brain communications to do things differently.

Our communications philosophy:
We use the power of storytelling to bring strategies and change to life for people in a way that emotionally connects with them. Because, let’s face it, very few people are inspired by bullet points!
We start with the 'why.' We make it compelling and relevant to individuals - not just the organisation.
We focus on people leaders as we believe they are the most important communications channel. They are best placed to join the dots for their people.
We keep things real and authentic. We avoid the 'Chief Good News Officer' syndrome in order to build trust and credibility.
We avoid a cookie cutter approach. We tailor what we do as a business for our clients and also believe in allowing local leaders "freedom within a framework" as they know their people best.
We don’t just rely on 'tell' communications. We flex our communication style to drive different outcomes. We may use a "discuss style" to deepen their understanding (in team meetings) or an "involve style" to get their buy-in (in workshops).
We connect with people's current reality. By understanding and acknowledging people's current reality and where they are on the change curve, we increase the chances of them coming with us on the journey.