Even conservative research puts the failure rate of change at north of 70%. This is usually due to the mishandling of the people side of change. Typically, organisations focus on the design and implementation aspects of change and underinvest in the critical change psychology aspect – the bit that deals with how you bring people with you.

This underinvestment runs the risk of damaging not just your business performance and reputation but also the wellbeing of the people who work for you. Research shows that employees can take up to two years to re-engage after a badly handled change experience and this makes it much harder for the benefits of change to be sustainable. We have extensive experience of working hand in glove with executive teams and PMOs in leading the communication and people engagement side of change programmes.

This experience includes new strategies, restructurings, redundancies, cost reduction, office relocations, IT investment, rights issues and M&A activity. Whether you need us to advise on the overall approach or get hands on with some, or all, of the doing our PeopleChange methodology gives you a selection of tools that we can tailor to ensure your change lands positively with your people and delivers sustainable benefits.

Typical PeopleChange Change Journey